Last-mile networks still swamped by ever-rising bandwidth demand.
Fiber upgrades throttled by high costs.




Our fundamental advances in non-line-of-sight wireless transport performance
offer the industry’s first real alternative to last-mile fiber
for NLoS backhaul, wireless fiber extension, and fixed wireless access.


100 bps/Hz.  Impervious to obstructions and interference. 
Perfectly deterministic.  Self-organizing.



March 2–5, 2015 — It's time to join 85,000 of our closest friends in the annual wireless-industry pilgrimage to Barcelona!  Come see us at stand 6K21, or request a private meeting in advance, if you'd like to get the inside scoop on our latest carrier engagements and product roadmap.

October 10, 2014 — Our demo team recently extracted from a deployment in Italy secreted out some great video, and we've just finished redacting it for public use.  To understand why operators are so interested in our technology, check out Seeing Is Believing.  Note that the material contains graphic scenes of unprecedented wireless performance, so make sure your YouTube Safety switch is off!





We’re aggressively expanding our peerless team of wireless rocket scientists.
If you have the horsepower, experience, and ambition to help us open whole new opportunities in wireless, let’s talk.



Rocket science inside.Unrivaled performance outside.