Last-mile networks still swamped by ever-rising bandwidth demand.
Fiber upgrades throttled by high costs.




Our fundamental advances in non-line-of-sight wireless transport performance
offer the industry’s first real alternative to last-mile fiber
for NLoS backhaul, wireless fiber extension, and fixed wireless access.


100 bps/Hz.  Impervious to obstructions and interference. 
Perfectly deterministic.  Self-organizing.



Mar. 15–17, 2016 — Next up, we're joining the WISP family at WISPAmerica in Louisville, and introducing them to our radical wireless transport performance.

Mar. 23–24, 2016 — Then it's back to Vegas for another round of introductions, at the International Wireless Communications Expo — come check us out at Booth #129!





We’re aggressively expanding our peerless team of wireless rocket scientists.
If you have the horsepower, experience, and ambition to help us open whole new opportunities in wireless, let’s talk.



Rocket science inside.Unrivaled performance outside.