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Access networks still swamped by ever-rising bandwidth demand.
Fiber upgrades throttled by high costs.  Wireless alternatives missing the mark.




Our fundamental advances in wireless performance
offer the industry’s first practical alternative to fiber
for residential, enterprise, and urban access.


Immune to obstructions, interference, motion, and unskilled installers. 
Unprecedented spectral efficiency. 
Sparking a worldwide revolution in access networks.



September 20, 2016 — Dr. Jan Uddenfeldt, former Ericsson and Sony Mobile CTO, has joined our board of directors, acting on his view that “the strategic interests of their customers may have made Tarana’s innovations the industry’s best-kept secret, but their technology is by far the best I’ve seen for wireless fixed access.”  For more, see the full release

Fierce Wireless has also done a nice follow-up that offers helpful additional perspectives.






With multiple tier 1 customer contracts for large-scale deployments,
we’re aggressively expanding our team.
If you have the horsepower, experience, and ambition to help us do great things in wireless,
let’s talk.


Rocket science inside.Unrivaled performance outside.