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Fast affordable internet access is more essential than ever.

Getting it to the home is hard.

We’ve made it easy.

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Our G1 system delivers fiber-class speeds and quality over non-line-of-sight connections at long range — in unlicensed spectrum — that are immune to interference and changes in the scene, enabling truly unrivaled network economics at massive scale.  G1 is the perfect solution for residential broadband in urban, suburban, and developed rural markets all over the world.

News & Events

News & Events



October 6, 2021

Fixed Wireless, Finally Fixed

Big thanks to our friends at MTN, British Telecom, Wisper Internet, Liberty Global, and Resound Networks who helped make our G1 event on October 6th a great success! For those who missed the show, (or attendees who’d like to share the experience with others), we’ve posted a video of the first hour on YouTube.  For the other three segments, contact us for access details.


Getting Around Obstacles

Obstacles don't have to spell doom for wireless communication, read more here.

Thanks for visiting! We hope you like our new site.  It’s still a little rough around the edges, but given demand for information about G1, we thought we’d take a page out of Google’s book and release it as beta, warts and all.  We’ll be fine-tuning and expanding on the site’s content continuously in the coming days and weeks.  In the meantime, please feel free to drop us a note to if you have any questions, feedback, or bug reports.

Thanks!    — Tarana Marketing

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