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Everybody everywhere wants more bandwidth. Meeting all this demand is hard.
We’re making it easy, at typically 80% lower cost than current alternatives, in multiple applications.


Competition for subscribers and the impending wave of 4K video are exhausting fixed access infrastructure, leaving nearly 700 million households worldwide underserved by copper-based connections.  Fiber is often too costly and time consuming for economically viable residential service, while wireless alternatives — including forthcoming mm-wave concepts — have a number of show-stopper issues as well.  Tarana's substantial performance gains in wireless open up completely new possibilities for gigabit 5G residential service, and we're now powering an exciting (and large-scale) revolution in access networks, starting with trials in 2018.


As traffic on indoor networks rises, operators are scrambling to keep up with demand for improved connectivity to millions of commercial properties and MDUs worldwide as well.  High fiber deployment costs and long project delays impede progress, and wireless solutions struggle with line-of-sight and interference limitations here, too.  Our enterprise access product line can solve this problem for you today.


Smart-city infrastructure, aggregation of IoT devices, high-resolution surveillance, and backhaul for mobile RAN densification all require great connectivity in hard-to-reach locations where fiber and inflexible line-of-sight wireless options are impractical. We have an excellent solution available today for these and a wide range of other specialized applications of deterministic, resilient, high-bandwidth last-mile connectivity.

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Our innovations in wireless yield more than 10x the spectral efficiency of conventional approaches
and unprecedented immunity to obstructions, interference, motion, and unskilled installers.
These unique capabilities fuel dramatic improvements in the economics of last-mile connectivity.

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These new options for the industry are made possible by the unrivaled performance gains demonstrated in practice by our products, built on our breakthrough broadband wireless platform.

Rocket science inside.Unrivaled performance outside.