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Case Study: SpectrumVoIP

SpectrumVoIP, a new Tarana G1 customer, is using G1 to deliver high-performance broadband in urban Dallas as a means of attracting new customers, reducing churn, and increasing profit.
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SpectrumVoIP, a national provider of VoIP services for the enterprise, was looking for a way to compete against local cable operators, improve margins, and increase customer retention and satisfaction. With these objectives in mind, they selected Tarana’s Gigabit 1 (G1) next-generation fixed wireless (ngFWA) to deliver endgame broadband to new and existing customers in a challenging urban environment.

The Mission

SpectrumVoIP’s mission is simple: offer complete solutions for voice, video, security, and broadband at a price point business customers love. While the company has resold fiber from multiple operators and offered VoIP phone service for over 15 years, broadband was a relatively new offering. “Our future is about towers and providing wireless internet to maintain margins while delivering great broadband and other services,” said Mike Choate, Chief Revenue Office for SpectrumVoIP.

The Challenge

SpectrumVoIP is challenging local cable operators and expanding its business offerings to attract new customers, improve the retention of existing customers, and increase margins.

The Solution

SpectrumVoIP is deploying 6 GHz base nodes and remote nodes, initially in the city of Dallas, Texas. This urban deployment has many obstacles (buildings, etc.), making clear line-of-sight links difficult or impossible.


G1 is delivering speeds in excess of 600 Mbps at distances of over 6 miles. Even in non-line-of-sight conditions and with a subscriber density of up to 1,000 subscribers per tower.

G1 Improves Customer Acquisition and Retention

When it comes to competing against other technologies, SpectrumVOIP is seeing gains in sales, even with previous fiber customers. They are finding that new services, speed to deployment, and reliability are a winning combination — all made possible by ngFWA from Tarana. “SpectrumVoIP has successfully sold VoIP services to businesses for almost 20 years,” said Mike Choate. “Now that we have WISP services at the speeds we can offer with Tarana we are now able to bundle our VoIP and internet to offer an overall better product to our customers. The sales process is quicker and easier when our sales rep lead with internet.”

Performance and Reliability

The first G1 deployment is in Dallas, Texas using 6 GHz spectrum. With G1, SpectrumVoIP delivers multi-megabit speeds, even in a busy urban landscape. “You do something no one else has done,” said Cody Landrum, Director of Wireless ISP Services. “For urban environments, there’s no other choice than Tarana. We turned on 6 GHz in the heart of Dallas and easily got 2 x 40 MHz of bandwidth. The fact that we can shoot 6 miles across Dallas and still get 600 Mbps is incredible,” said Cody.


Unlike other products with repurposed technologies, G1 was purpose-built to deliver endgame performance. With G1, SpectrumVoIP can confidently deploy broadband that delights their customers while staying competitive against other technologies and improving margins.

About SpectrumVoIP

SpectrumVoIP, based in Plano, Texas, offers voice, video, security, and broadband services. It was founded on the principle that relentless focus and energy can only be achieved by loving what you are doing and obsessing over it. All of this is offered at a fair price to its enterprise customers.

Visit https://www.spectrumvoip.com for more information.

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