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Customers, Partners, and Resources


We are working with fixed, mobile, and alternative-access service providers on projects all over the world, but unfortunately we can't tell you much about them just yet.*

One side effect of achieving game-changing advances in technology for the service provider segment is that you have to pass on playing the usual startup game of bragging publicly about your customers.  If your technology moves the dials of network service improvement and cost reduction far enough (as ours does) to create material competitive advantage for the operators with whom you're collaborating, it's in their interest to keep their initiative a private matter as long as possible.  Given the scale and growth of our current projects, we and our investors are perfectly fine with that.  The customary carousel of customer and partner case studies on the public website will have to wait.

* We do have a small number of exceptions now, with Vodafone, SmarTone, and BC Net. See our press releases collection for more details.


To help meet intense worldwide demand for our gear, we're collaborating with two of the industry's most prestigious radio equipment manufacturers to better span geographies and project scope — with more on the way

Nokia Networks provides broadband infrastructure, software, and services to a global customer base that in turn serves nearly 5 billion subscribers.  From GSM to LTE and into 5G, Nokia continues to set the industry's pace of network innovation.  We have recently joined their mobile backhaul ecosystem, as their key source of NLoS solutions.

SIAE Microelettronica, founded in 1952, is a leader in wireless communication technology.  Present in more than 25 countries, it offers national and multinational operators advanced solutions in microwave and millimeter wave transport, services, and design.  We are working with SIAE in service to Vodafone and a number of other tier 1 operators in Europe, the Americas, and Asia. For more information, see



We also have a growing list of regional systems integration and distribution partners joining our community, to help with the hands-on work of caring for day-to-day account relationships, fulfillment, deployment, and support.

CLAdirect is a leading provider of telecommunications and utility solutions throughout the Americas.

Gap Wireless, headquartered in Mississauga, Ontario, provides distribution, design, and installation services, for a broad portfolio of category-leading vendors, to mobile broadband and wireless telecommunications operators throughout Canada.

Horizon Wireless is an exclusive distributor of Tarana products based in Sydney, Australia. The company offers wholesale wireless solutions to operators, carriers and ISPs in the Pacific Region.


If you'd like to explore joining our partner team, feel free to drop us a note, and we'll get back to you promptly.



Our exclusive resource for customers and partners

To access more detailed information about our products, software, documentation, and other resources, log in to Tarana Private, or if your organization hasn’t been whitelisted for portal access yet, drop us a note with that request.



Introducing our occasional series of pieces on the fundamental principles of wireless

As anyone with a background in RF engineering knows well, getting radios to deliver breakthrough performance in the real world — and with viable economics in the general case — is a complex task, inherently requiring more attention span than the typical web-page skim.  For those with an appetite for understanding more fully the physical realities that must be navigated successfully to deliver viable gigabit wireless access in the face of messy real-world challenges, we offer our occasional blog series, Eigenvalues.

Eigenvalues 01:  Residential LoS Study

Our inaugural entry addresses the question of the availability of line-of-sight connections in typical residential environments.
tl;dr:  It’s about 10 to 20%.



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