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G1x2 Digital Multiply Event Recap

Watch the Full Event by Segment (Below)

G1's Impact (20:37)

We launched our unique G1 next-generation fixed wireless access platform last year with big claims about changing the broadband landscape. We certainly delivered. Watch this intro to our September 27, 2022 Digital Multiply event to learn more.

Our Customers Report (4:48)

Demand for G1 and the pace of its deployment have been remarkable, we now have a number of great stories that prove our claims. Hear details from Nextlink, Alyrica, and one of Alyrica’s early subscribers.

Panel Discussion with Alyrica, Redzone, and Commnet (23:50)

Hear what Sam Dotson, CEO of Alyrica, Jim McKenna, CEO of Redzone, and Dave Gibson, CRO of Commnet, have to say about Tarana and its benefits, features, and advantages over other alternatives. Hear first hand how G1 is improving subscriber experiences.

Our Subscribers Report (5:26)

Tarana and G1 are delivering high-speed connectivity where it wasn’t available before. Hear first hand what these new subscribers have to say about it.

Introducing G1x2 (12:11)

Tarana is proud to announce the new G1x2 mode, a software update that doubles the current 80 MHz bandwidth of the G1 platform to 160 MHz, organized as four independent 40 MHz carriers to deliver up to 1.6 Gbps in aggregate for each G1 link. 

Real-World G1x2 Demo (2:51)

Curious to see the performance of G1x2 in the field?  Watch the video to see gigabit near- and non-line-of-sight performance in the real world. Special thanks to DigitalPath for letting us test on their network in Chico, CA.

Tarana + Nextlink Partnership (13:57)

Cameron Kilton, Nextlink’s CTO, discusses their thought process behind partnering with Tarana.

Q&A (19:06)

Lively group discussion of spectrum, operating costs, G1’s features and advantages, BEAD funding, and more.
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