Tarana Wireless, Inc.


6 GHz is great.

Tarana + 6 GHz is insanely great.

Tarana Announces Gigabit ngFWA in Unlicensed 6 GHz

G1 technology paired with new spectrum delivers pervasive, high-speed, reliable broadband.

Missed the live launch event? Watch the recording.

The well-proven, outstanding performance of our G1 next-gen fixed wireless platform continues to fuel tremendous growth and whole new levels of competitiveness for our operator customers. We’ve added over 100 ISPs to the G1 user community in the past 12 months. Subscriber installation rates are accelerating. Now we’re sweetening the pot with ngFWA in 6 GHz, where our unique interference cancellation technology yields unrivaled capacity and reliability. Fill out the form below to watch the recording and get all the details.

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