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Performance Examples
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Toward Belief

We understand that website content is no substitute for your own first-hand experience with G1’s unprecedented performance, but we thought a couple examples of it would help you see why that would be a good idea to pursue.

We hear regularly that our claims sound too good to be true, especially from seasoned veterans in the fixed wireless community who’ve long struggled with the limitations of the re-purposed technologies we mentioned on our Challenges page. You all have our sympathies (seriously). The great news is you don’t have to take our word for it anymore, since G1’s claim-fulfilling real-world performance is now well proven in a quickly-growing number of live commercial networks.

To learn more about our service providers’ experiences with G1, please check out our “Fixed Wireless, Finally Fixed” webinar recording, featuring reports on their experiences with G1 and its impact on their businesses from Calvin Collett, Managing Director of MTN’s Supersonic division, Neil McRae, Chief Network Architect for British Telecom, and Nathan Stooke, CEO of Wisper Internet.

To give you a brief introduction to these experiences here, we start with two example G1 sites operated by leading US WISPs — Wisper in Missouri and Resound Networks in Texas — both delivering commercial service in two very different geographies. The key points to take away are, first, both sites have ~100 subscribers receiving high-performance internet service with mostly obstructed links off of one base radio. In fact, the signal strength is high enough to offer >90% of the customers 400 Mbps DL service with a 4.5:1 high-performance uplink. There has never been a wireless system that could come close to this kind of aggregate wide-area performance. Second, these installations are both in the 5 GHz unlicensed band, which means the operators did not need to acquire costly spectrum to offer this outstanding service. Third, there is unlicensed interference being actively cancelled by the G1 ngFWA platform, as denoted by the colored donut at the end of each link. This cancellation is what makes it possible to use free spectrum yet still offer a reliable service.

The fourth takeaway from G1’s real-world performance is now emerging as our operators’ deployments advance to multi-cell installations in the same market. This raises the potential for service degradation from inter-cell interference, which is a pervasive problem in mobile networks. It has been mitigated in prior-generation FWA installations by using multiple frequency bands in alternating patterns, which is spectrally inefficient and creates significant deployment complexity. To avoid these issues, G1 was designed to operate all radio elements in a single spectrum band (“k=1” deployment, in the industry’s parlance), enabled by precise and autonomous inter-cell interference cancellation by both base and remote notes.

Multi-cell tests during G1’s development demonstrated that its inter-cell interference cancellation was able to contain the capacity loss from k=1 deployment to less than 5% even in densely-conflicting conditions. The example below, from a customer in Arizona, shows G1’s inter-cell interference cancellation proven out in commercial deployment.

Real-World Results

Another tangible application of G1’s game-changing, reliable, NLoS performance in the field, from Wisper’s deployment in Joplin, Missouri.

1 MHz
in 5 GHz
1 Mbps
Max DL Rate
1 dB
Excess Pathloss
1 dB
RN Interference/
Noise Ratio
1 dB
RN Signal/
Noise Ratio
What Customers Report

“Leaf Financial enabled us to accelerate our Tarana upgrade/conversion process and implement 500 meg speed packages to a big part of our service area in just a few weeks. Without Leaf, this upgrade would have taken months or years.“

Matt Larsen
CEO at Vistabeam Internet

“As a tribal member myself, I see the dramatic, positive impact that reliable broadband can have for the entire community, whether that is remote work, telehealth, education, or internet connectivity in general. The Tarana G1 product will enable EnerTribe to bring reliable, high-speed internet to the tribal communities that need it so crucially.”

Forest James
CEO at EnerTribe

“Our internet service has never been better, and we have seen no lost connections or degradation in connectivity during rain or snow storms. We are extremely happy with MetaLINK and would recommend their G1-powered service to anyone.”

MetaLINK customer in Ohio

“G1 has been game changing in this area that had never seen more than 5 or 10 Mbps… Marrying fiber and Tarana’s capabilities have made us well-poised to do edge-out expansion in underserved areas. This combination allows us to pass more homes than anything else. It really is the only cost-effective option.”

Scott Stace
CEO of Bluespan

Case Studies

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