Tarana Wireless, Inc.

Municipal Applications

Building Better Communities with Next-Generation Fixed Wireless Access

Municipalities are the bedrock of our communities. Cities and towns provide critical infrastructure that touches the lives of every resident on a daily basis. Technology, in particular broadband internet service, can be an important tool to build stronger communities with new or improved services that can streamline daily operations, improve public safety, and encourage economic development.

High-speed broadband is an invaluable tool for municipalities that can put even small communities on par with larger cities in terms of infrastructure and capabilities. For example,

  • Video surveillance and monitoring of key infrastructure such as utilities, traffic, and public works.
  • Intelligent traffic system sensors for traffic control and optimization at highway or street level.
  • License plate scanning.
  • Enhanced public safety with mobile response unit data and video support.
  • 3D modeling for incident analysis and public planning.
  • Smart meter reading.
  • Public works (parks, waste/water, public pools, parking, transportation centers, etc.)
  • Mobile broadband capacity for events, festivals, neighborhood days.

Wireless is one of the most effective ways to deploy broadband in small or rural communities and offers a number of benefits over other technology choices, but not all wireless broadband is equal. Tarana is the performance leader in next-generation wireless access, and is the first to offer fiber-class wireless broadband that combines the benefits of fiber with the ease of wireless.

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