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We have all the tools you need
to start your own 5G access network revolution.


Our AbsoluteAir solution has completely redefined what’s possible
in the toughest last-mile link conditions
and is ready to take care of your challenges today.

AbsoluteAir 2

Breakthrough Wireless Transport



Unrivaled performance on enterprise/urban access PtP or PtMP links challenged by obstructions, interference, motion, or limited installer skill

Deterministic, resilient 200 Mbps per link

NLoS range to 2km, LoS to 10s of km

PtMP operation up to 1.2 Gbps (6 simultaneous full-rate 200 Mbps links) per POP site, all in a single 20 MHz channel

3.3-3.8 and 5.x GHz bands (TDD)

Integrated antennas, compact form factor (32x36x11cm)

Full complement of network features (CE/MEF)



Easy-to-use web interface for unit setup, alignment, performance monitoring, and management


Contact us us for more information, or to request sales follow-up.



Our solution for gigabit 5G fixed residential service, made possible by all the unique capabilities of the Tarana Broadband Access Platform, comprises compact, low-profile base nodes deployed in a cellular model and small residential nodes in exterior or behind-window positions at the served homes.  Like cellular networks, the solution can minimize early capital outlay through sparse initial deployment for broader coverage, followed by densification as necessary over time to accommodate neighborhoods with higher demand.  Our detailed joint modeling of large-scale deployments with customers indicates very substantial reduction in both capex and business case sensitivity to market share relative to fiber (see graph).

We'll be entering trials with the system in 2018, with commercial deployments to follow.  We'd be happy to collaborate with additional operators and potential new entrants on network strategy in the meantime, so feel free to drop us a note if you'd like to get started!

 Our 5G products are invented, engineered, and made in the USA.

Contact us to learn more about how to cut 80% of the capex out of your gigabit access upgrade strategy.

Rocket science inside.Unrivaled performance outside.