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Real World Results

Real World Results

G1’s real-world performance is now well proven across 50,000 live commercial links, delivering an unparalleled performance averaging 414/109 Mbps DL/UL.

Sample deployments from two of our leading customers – Visionary Broadband and Nextlink Internet – in two very different geographies further highlight the commercial success of the G1 platform. There are three key takeaways from their experiences:

  • G1 easily supports over 170 RNs per sector, with over 90% of links getting 400 Mbps DL service despite clear link obstructions (both nLoS and NLoS).
  • Both deployments are on the free-to-use 5 GHz unlicensed band, without need to acquire costly spectrum.

As operators’ deployments advance to multi-cell installations in the same markets, the G1 platform also enables unparalleled scale potential and universal 360° coverage through its inter-cell interference cancelation, enabling all radio elements (both base and remote nodes) to operate in a single spectrum band (k=1 frequency reuse).

Multi-cell tests during G1’s development demonstrated the platform’s ability to contain capacity loss from k=1 deployment to <5% even in densely-conflicting conditions. The live examples below show G1’s inter-cell interference cancelation proven out in commercial deployment.

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