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Tarana Achieves Industry First in Interference Cancellation

New solution paves the way for gigabit wireless access in free spectrum with ideal propagation

Santa Clara, California — February 26, 2018 — Tarana Wireless announced today a true industry first in interference cancellation technology.  Tarana’s Advanced Burst Interference Cancellation (ABIC™) software has been shown to provide immunity to any number of interference sources, at power levels up to 100x higher than the signal of interest.  Rather than trying to evade interference with increasingly futile channel changes (the industry’s default approach), ABIC creates virtual, adaptive, and software-defined radio “deafness” to undesired signals in the current channel.  Operating on Tarana’s AbsoluteAir® 2 wireless access platform, ABIC has been extensively validated by a number of tier 1 service providers and is now in commercial service in their networks.

The implications of this breakthrough are profound.  As is well understood, the fixed access industry is struggling to address continued increases in consumer and business bandwidth demand, given the exhaustion of copper infrastructure’s capacity, the prohibitively high cost of fiber, and the severe limitations of available wireless access options.

Any viable wireless alternative must solve the pervasive issue of obstructions in real-world conditions (see Tarana’s recent study on the scale of this challenge).  This can only be achieved, with acceptable deployment economics, in spectrum that has favorable diffraction and reflection propagation physics — i.e. in bands below 10 GHz.  Given the high utilization of this ideal spectrum, most fixed access operators (whether telcos, MSOs, or CLECs) have no alternative but unlicensed or shared-use bands where interference is usually a show-stopper issue.

Tarana’s unique ABIC technology solves this problem, providing unprecedented carrier-class performance and licensed-like reliability in unlicensed and shared-access spectrum, opening up a whole new frontier for access network innovation.

“Mid-band spectrum is an emerging sweet spot for wireless industry expansion.  In combination with smart antenna technologies, it’s attractive for a range of access applications,” said Gabriel Brown, Principal Analyst, Heavy Reading.  “Unlicensed and lightly-licensed shared spectrum – for example, 5 GHz globally and 3.65 GHz CBRS spectrum in the US — is an important part of the mix; however to gain maximum capacity and reliability from these bands, operators need mechanisms to avoid and mitigate interference.”

“ABIC’s performance is a testament to the highly unique talents of our R&D team, who have accomplished what no one ever thought could be done,” said Dale Branlund, Tarana’s CTO.  “Our customers are now achieving breakthroughs of their own, with network deployments powered by ABIC, and we expect this wave of innovation to expand much further as we broaden our portfolio into gigabit access.”

To see ABIC in action, come see us at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona (room 6O30MR in Hall 6), where we’ll be demonstrating live our products’ unique immunity to obstructions, interference, spectrum scarcity, and motion.  You can request an appointment here.  If you’re skipping the Barcelona experience this year, check out our new demo video, Tarana Perfects Interference Cancellation.

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