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Tarana Radio Links Handily Brush Off Super Typhoon Mangkhut

Steady high-bandwidth connections maintained for SmarTone in Hong Kong
and BC Net in the Philippines despite 180 mph winds and torrential rain

Santa Clara, California — September 24, 2018 — Tarana Wireless announced today that SmarTone and BC Net, operators using Tarana’s radios for inter-island links and other urban applications in Hong Kong and the Philippines, have both reported a resounding “all’s well!” in the wake of last week’s Super Typhoon Mangkhut.  Tarana technology for continuous, automatic adaptation to changing conditions and self-correcting digital beamforming kept multi-km over-water and dense urban connectivity steady throughout Hong Kong’s worst storm ever recorded.  Mangkhut’s wind speeds reached a deadly 180 mph, fully 90 mph stronger than Hurricane Florence’s landfall in Florida.

SmarTone, the leading operator in Hong Kong, has been adopting robust and comprehensive network planning to offer customers more powerful network experiences.  Its network team has conducted extensive evaluation in every conceivable combination of urban obstructions, self-interference, unlicensed-band interference, and rapidly changing channel conditions and has embraced Tarana technology for multiple applications.  It is now using Tarana for carrier-grade backhaul over Hong Kong’s extremely congested 5 GHz unlicensed band to serve the licensed band cellular network, in one of the world’s most obstructed cities.  They are also backhauling cellular traffic from one of the outlying islands with a 12 km over-water link to Hong Kong Island.  In this particular over-water connection, the single-antenna Tarana link has been providing reliable service to replace the previous microwave solution, which required two spatially-separated antennas to maintain connectivity in the face of the multipath interference caused by tidal cycles.  Compared to the previous licensed-band link, the Tarana link maintains steady rates without the need for redundant antennas, precise antenna alignment, frequent maintenance hassles, and spectrum license costs.

“We are very impressed by Tarana’s reliable and stable backhaul connectivity, especially in remote areas such as the outlying islands, enabling our customers to stay connected during adverse weather conditions,” said Stephen Chau, SmarTone’s Chief Technology Officer.  “It works exactly as Tarana advertises, and it’s definitely in a class of its own.”

BC Net provides high-speed enterprise access services over Tarana links in and around Manila, operating in near- and non-line-of-site conditions at distances up to 17 km, also in the 5 GHz unlicensed band.  Florante Cruz, BC Net’s President and CEO, said “Tarana’s incredible performance has allowed us to grow our business in new directions, by serving customers that would have been impossible to reach profitably (or at all, in most cases) with any other technology.  Their reliability through the typhoon has been great.”

Omar Bakr, Tarana’s CEO, added “we’ve been collaborating with several of the world’s leading service providers from the very start of our R&D efforts, to ensure that our designs are well aligned with their demanding real-world requirements.  Super Typhoon Mangkhut certainly gave us a chance to prove yet again that our engineering team has risen to that challenge!”

For more information about Tarana’s unique technology and radio network solutions for residential access, enterprise connectivity, and radio backhaul, please visit

About SmarTone

SmarTone is a leading telecommunications company with operating subsidiaries in Hong Kong and Macau, providing voice, multimedia, and mobile broadband services, as well as fixed fibre broadband services for the consumer and corporate markets.  Its goal is to deliver unbeatable and valuable experiences to customers through its powerful network, purposeful apps, and passionate service.  The company has been listed in Hong Kong since 1996.  It is a subsidiary of Sun Hung Kai Properties Limited (0016.HK).  For further information, please visit

About BC Net

BC Net, Inc. is a 100% Filipino-owned corporation founded in 2003.  It holds an NTC license as a Value-added Service and VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) Service provider.  Recognized as an innovator in the industry, BC Net is one of the most preferred providers of VoIP technology solutions, seamless high-speed Internet service, and video over IP in Manila.  For further information, please visit

About Tarana

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Press Contact:  Steven Glapa



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