Tarana Wireless, Inc.

Smart Way Communications and Tarana Bring Healthy Broadband Competition to Ohio

Tuscarawas County Will Be the First to See Much Faster, More Affordable Internet Access

Uhrichsville, OH and Milpitas, CA — December 21, 2021 — Smart Way Communications and Tarana announced today their joint plan for the first deployment of Tarana’s unique Gigabit 1 (G1) next-generation fixed wireless platform in Ohio.  Smart Way’s first phase of G1 radio network installation over the next 9 weeks will serve the Dover and New Philadelphia area of Ohio’s Tuscarawas County, covering 12,000 households in 12 square miles.

Smart Way will leverage a combination of currently-owned and newly-acquired vertical asset rights, providing a solid foundation for establishing broad G1 coverage in neighborhoods that to date have been served by a single cable operator.  Tarana’s G1 platform, now well-proven in multiple deployments around the world, will deliver substantial improvements in both downstream and especially upstream speeds over Ohio’s incumbents’ offerings, with network economics efficiencies that enable very attractive subscriber-package pricing.

Smart Way’s general manager, Ryan Grewell, said “G1 is completely changing how we pursue markets.  As a fixed wireless access provider we’ve always had limited success deploying in busier towns due to existing cable offerings and interference.  Folks expect 100 Mbps plans, but with the busy 5 GHz spectrum in town, our prior Wi-Fi-based gear just wasn’t letting us offer them.  We are excited about the ability to offer up to 200 Mbps service on very attractive terms.  I know we couldn’t do this without Tarana, and I’m really looking forward to going to town with this technology.”

Tarana’s CEO, Basil Alwan, added “We are delighted by how quickly the experienced team at Smart Way embraced G1’s unique capabilities, and we’re equally excited about supporting their move from the sidelines of the broadband game out onto the main field of competition.  Ohio’s subscribers will certainly reap substantial benefits from Smart Way’s deployment without having to wait years for intrusive network upgrades.”

To register interest in Smart Way service, please visit https://thinksmartway.com.  To learn more about G1, visit https://www.taranawireless.com.

About Smart Way Communications

Smart Way Communications, LLC is a high-speed wireless internet and data services company headquartered in Tuscarawas County, Ohio.  Smart Way provides wireless internet connections to residential and business clients in the county, including rural and underserved areas, and is expanding into new areas.  Smart Way prioritizes improving infrastructure and upgrading its network in order to provide the fastest, most reliable service available in its territory.

About Tarana

Tarana Wireless, Inc. is the industry’s performance leader and new category creator in broadband wireless access network solutions, powered by a number of well-proven breakthroughs in perfect, multidimensional optimization of radio signals.  Its G1 access platform overcomes previously insurmountable network economics challenges for service providers in both mainstream broadband and underserved markets, using free unlicensed spectrum.  Commercial deployments of G1 have exploded from zero to 2 million households passed in its first 9 months of production.  The company is headquartered in Milpitas, California, with additional research and development in Pune, India.