Tarana Wireless, Inc.

Tarana Cloud Suite

Tarana Cloud Suite

The Tarana Cloud Suite (TCS) is our cloud-hosted system used to monitor, manage, and troubleshoot Tarana base and remote nodes. TCS makes it easy to plan, install, provision, and manage Tarana’s radio networks. It provides network management, business operations, and control-plane functions summarized in the table below. As a cloud-based offering, TCS takes advantage of the inherent advantages of cloud architectures, and it has been implemented with industry best practices around high availability and redundancy, data security, and automatic scaling.

Performance Tracking, Management, and Maintenance

  • 24 x 7 x 365 KPI monitoring and management, including long-term historic data fault logging, correction, and reporting
  • Firmware and configuration management automation with pre-provisioning support
  • End-user login and management with role-based access


Fault Management and Network Analytics

  • Alarms and historic events with email and text alerts
  • User-defined threshold-based alerts
  • Alarm correlation, capacity expansion, anomaly detection

Subscriber Service Activation

  • API support for zero-touch deployment configuration, with minimal to no changes on directly connected infrastructure
  • Infrastructure authentication
  • QoS management
  • Speed-test tools

TCS Security

  • All control and management plane traffic is encrypted from the device to TCS
  • Subscriber data is retained in operator level, never transmitted to TCS
  • Over-the-air traffic between BN and RN are AES-128 encrypted
  • JSON web tokens (JWT) are used to ensure the integrity of any session.
  • Each operator has a unique identifier that is used to restrict access between multiple tenants on TCS.
  • Role-based access (RBAC) further limits the privileges available to a TCS user.
  • Periodic 3rd-party penetration testing to ensure continued TCS security (PTES, OWASP, NIST 800-115)
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