Tarana Wireless, Inc.

The Technology

The Technology

G1’s unrivaled performance is powered by a number of industry firsts in wireless technology that were driven directly by our first-principles, clean-sheet approach to fully addressing the core inherent problems that have hobbled all prior attempts at fixed wireless access.

Distributed Massive MIMO

Large numbers of radios on both the Base Node & Remote Node increase precision of all algorithms and enable more complex & accurate techniques (O(n3) rather than just O(n)).

Perfect Multipath Integration

Applying signal processing across time, frequency, and spatial domains yields a perfect channel even with the most complex diffraction, reflection, and motion effects; this enables the G1 platform to deliver excellent performance despite nLoS and NLoS conditions (buildings, foliage).

Asynchronous Burst Inteference Cancelation (ABIC)

Cancels 40dB of asynchronous interference from any source outside the network. The before & after constellation shows how the ABIC innovation cleans up the 256-QAM constellation where each bit of the signal (represented by dots) is crisp and cleanly transmitted.

The technology has the software to match.