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Knowledge is the foundation of success. While G1 offers an unprecedented level of network intelligence and unrivaled connectivity performance, being prepared and knowledgeable about what G1 can do will take you to the next level of expertise and success. Our technical training gets you familiar with our equipment and ready to install and manage a Tarana next-generation FWA network quickly and easily.

To access the latest technical documentation, release notes, and training material, visit the Tarana Training Portal (free registration).

Course Types

Multiple types of training are available to suit your needs.

Technical Training and Accreditation Program

G1 Installer

Learn how to install, provision, and test G1.

TCS Administrator

For administrators and NOC operators to monitor and manage G1.

Authorized Trainer

For distributors interested in providing in-person instruction of Tarana technical training.

Authorized Tarana Training Partners


 Interested in becoming a certified Tarana training partner? Contact us for more information.