Tarana Wireless, Inc.

Broadband for Tribal Communities

Broadband for Tribal Communities

EnerTribe partners with Tarana Wireless to make use of their G1 wireless platform

Check out how EnerTribe plans to use the Tarana next-generation fixed wireless access (ngFWA) hardware as an integral part of future infrastructure installations, allowing unprecedented levels of connectivity to users, especially in rural and historically hard-to-serve areas of Indian Country.

Closing the digital divide across tribal lands means more than just offering mobile service in rural areas. It’s about developing a partnership with the community and providing a level of service they can depend on. Tarana’s innovative next-generation fixed wireless access (ngFWA) technology can be a powerful tool to not only promote economic development within a region but also bring communities closer.

Broadband internet service enables new tribal services such as: 

  • Telemedicine (see a doctor more quickly and conveniently from a computer, rather than long drives for in-person visits)
  • Distance learning (primary, secondary, and college students can study and do homework remotely)
  • Virtual meetings with anyone anywhere
  • Search the internet, shop online, or read or check email
  • Video surveillance and security control from anywhere with broadband access

Wireless is one of the most effective ways to deploy broadband in Indian country and offers a number of benefits over other technology choices, but not all wireless broadband is equal. Tarana is the performance leader in next-generation wireless access, and is the first to offer fiber-class wireless broadband that combine the benefits of fiber with the ease of wireless.

To speak with a representative and learn more about how Tarana can help connect your community, please request a call.