Tarana Wireless, Inc.

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Tarana’s G1 is Now the First FCC-Certified Outdoor 6 GHz Product

Milpitas, CA — February 19, 2024 — Tarana Wireless, Inc. announced today the Federal Communication Commission’s certification of Gigabit 1 (G1), the company’s next-generation fixed wireless access (ngFWA) broadband platform, in the new unlicensed 6 GHz spectrum. Tarana is the … Read More

Dgtl Infra — Next-Generation Fixed Wireless Access (ngFWA): Bridging the Digital Divide

Dgtl Infra explores how ngFWA stands as a catalyst for change, offering to bridge the digital divide with its high-speed, cost-effective, and reliable broadband internet access. … Read More

CalMatters — For California to Achieve Universal Broadband Access, Every Technology Should Be Considered

Carl Guardino urges the CPUC to consider alternative technologies in their efforts to close California’s digital divide, pointing out the significant limitations of their current fiber-only strategy. … Read More

Wisper Covers 600,000 Midwest Locations (and Counting) with Tarana-Powered, Fiber-Class Internet

Wisper Internet leads the ngFWA charge with the largest deployment of Tarana’s wireless broadband infrastructure worldwide. … Read More

Alyrica Networks Reports Successful Deployment Completion with Tarana ngFWA in Polk County, OR

The partnership enabled Alyrica to expand high-speed internet access to 750+ rural locations with Tarana’s next-generation fixed wireless access broadband solution. … Read More

Tarana Wireless Joins Connecting Alaska Consortium

The organizations will partner to ensure Alaska’s families have access to affordable, reliable, high-speed broadband. … Read More

CLATA Telecom Brings Tarana’s ngFWA Broadband Technology to African Service Providers

CLATA Telecom and Tarana announce their partnership to deliver Gigabit 1 (G1) to network operators throughout Africa. … Read More

Carl Guardino on The Undivide Project Podcast

Hear Carl Guardino, our VP of Government Affairs and Public Policy, on this episode of The Undivide Project podcast as he discusses his why, Tarana’s mission, and more … Read More

Tarana Announces Gigabit ngFWA in Unlicensed 6 GHz

G1 technology paired with new spectrum delivers pervasive, high-speed, reliable broadband … Read More

Tarana Raises $50M to Sustain Rapid Growth

Round led by digital infrastructure innovation investor Digital Alpha … Read More