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Nextlink Connects the Underconnected with Tarana G1

The executive and technical teams at Nextlink Internet spent significant time evaluating Tarana’s broadband products, and they selected Tarana’s next-generation fixed wireless access (ngFWA) platform as a major partner for new wireless deployments and upgrades. … Read More

Tarana G1 Overview


Sky Fiber Connects the Underserved in Northern Nevada

Sky Fiber Internet brings next-generation fixed wireless access (ngFWA) to Northern Nevada and Tahoe. … Read More

XCIEN: The Largest Wireless Internet Service Provider in Mexico

XCIEN, the largest WISP in Mexico, plans to utilize G1 in previously hard-to-reach, rural areas where fiber is not economically viable. … Read More

VGI Technology: Scaling with Tarana

Watch this video to see how VGI is closing the digital divide in Texas, delivering speeds much faster than previous solutions, in non- and near-line-of-sight environments. … Read More

The U.S.’s $42.5 Billion High-Speed Internet Plan Hits a Snag: A Worker Shortage

Will Feurer, The Wall Street Journal … Read More

Digital Path: Northern California Rural Deployment Funded by CASF

DigitalPath used G1 for CA grant obligations coverage at a fraction of the time and cost of fiber. … Read More