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Government Applications

Government Applications

ngFWA showcased in Downtown Sacramento, CA

In May 2023, Tarana showcased their groundbreaking solution to U.S. government officials in Sacramento, CA to get broadband where its needed most. ngFWA is an entirely new technology, created by Tarana, that addresses the drawbacks of traditional fixed wireless access. While fiber is an excellent solution, it’s just not economically practical to deploy in some areas with challenging terrain, given the cost per mile and household. To discover how Tarana can help U.S. government officials close the digital divide more effectively, request a call.

With an increased focus on the digital divide at all levels of US government, Tarana’s innovative next-generation fixed wireless access (ngFWA) has created a unique opportunity to make rapid and significant progress on that persistent gap.

“Fiber is clearly the default choice in the current policy conversation. It’s important to keep in mind that in some places it’s just not economically practical to deploy, given costs per mile and per household. I’m excited about this opportunity to expand access to fast, affordable, and reliable broadband in those challenging areas.”

– Carl Guardino, Tarana VP of Government Affairs

Since its commercial launch in late 2021, Tarana’s ngFWA platform (G1), the product of over 10 years of intense R&D and $300M in investment, has been embraced by hundreds of internet service providers in multiple countries. Demand for G1 has generated an unprecedented $100M in first-year revenue and is expected to more than double in the second year.

Many G1-powered operators’ deployments are explicitly targeting unserved (and underserved) communities. A number of Tarana’s customers have spoken publicly about G1’s dramatic performance and network economics improvements — enabling fiber-class speeds and reliability even in unlicensed spectrum — and with project timelines measured in months instead of years. (See Tarana’s releases with Alyrica, Comnet, Nextlink, Redzone, Resound, and SmartWay for noteworthy examples in the US.)

To speak with a representative and learn more about how Tarana can help connect your community, please request a call.

Recent Demos

In December 2022, Tarana invited distinguished U.S. government officials  to attend a live demonstration of our groundbreaking broadband solution. This was one of many events planned throughout the country to demonstrate how Tarana is helping communities deploy reliable and affordable  connectivity where it’s needed most.