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Introducing Tarana G1+6 GHz

The new 6 GHz G1 brings together 850 MHz of new spectrum and Tarana’s field-proven innovations in fiber-class wireless broadband.
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Last week, Basil Alwan, our CEO and Chairman, announced the immediate availability of the latest member of the G1 family at our launch event in Las Vegas. The 6 GHz version of G1 brings together 850 MHz of clean spectrum and field-proven Tarana innovations.

With 6 GHz, the G1 platform now includes support for:

  • 5 GHz (UNII-1, UNII-3)
  • CBRS
  • 6 GHz (UNII-3, UNII-5, UNII-7)

As with other frequencies, the 6 GHz version of G1 supports all of the design features that are hallmarks of G1 and next-generation FWA (ngFWA). These include:

  • Self-interference noise cancellation
  • Asynchronous burst interference cancellation (ABIC)
  • K=1 spectrum reuse
  • Unparalleled non-line-of-sight performance

6 GHz G1 is an excellent choice for operators in both greenfield deployments and existing G1 networks. 6 GHz expands overall network capacity while maintaining backward compatibility with previously deployed 5 GHz 5 using the UNII-3 band.

For more detailed product information, check out the G1 data sheet.

Getting to Gigabit Speeds

Included in last week’s announcement was first commercial availability of G1 x2 mode operation in Q1 2024. With x2, existing 6 GHz base nodes and remote nodes will be able to use 4 carriers and up to 160 MHz of bandwidth to deliver true gigabit speeds – up to 1.6 Gbps of aggregate capacity per link. x2 will be offered as a software upgrade and requires no new hardware.

4 carriers in x2 mode can each be on different subbands, making the most of scarce resources

The G1 design choice to utilize 4 x 40 MHz carriers in x2 will give operators unprecedented flexibility. This is crucial in the 6 GHz spectrum where the automated frequency coordination (AFC) system may not offer operators 160 MHz, or even 80 MHz, of contiguous spectrum at high power. With 4 carriers, G1 has the flexibility to use discontiguous spectrum bandwidth without giving up performance.

“Homes are voracious consumers of bandwidth — 20 to 30x more than a typical 5G mobile device,” said Alwan. “This new combination of 6 GHz spectrum with our G1 ngFWA platform makes it possible to offer fiber-competitive service plans at scale while still leveraging existing tower and backhaul infrastructure. Wireless is no longer a stop-gap to fiber but rather an ‘end-game’ solution, even for high-bandwidth households.”

G1 radios for 6 GHz are available now. Contact Tarana at www.taranawireless.com for more information. If you missed the presentation, you can check out the event recording here.

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