Tarana Wireless, Inc.


G1 Commercial Launch – October 2021

Tarana G1x2 Launch Event – April 2023

Tarana G1+6 Launch Event – October 2023

Commercially Deploy 6 GHz Today with Tarana – March 2024

Nextlink Connects the Underconnected with Tarana G1

The executive and technical teams at Nextlink Internet spent significant time evaluating Tarana’s broadband products, and they selected Tarana’s next-generation fixed wireless access (ngFWA) platform as a major partner for new wireless deployments and upgrades. … Read More

Carl Guardino on The Undivide Project Podcast

Hear Carl Guardino, our VP of Government Affairs and Public Policy, on this episode of The Undivide Project podcast as he discusses his why, Tarana’s mission, and more … Read More

Connecting the City of Cleveland

DigitalC, a nonprofit wireless internet service provider, selected Tarana’s G1 to deliver symmetric 100 Mbps service to the city of Cleveland. … Read More

Next-Generation Fixed Wireless Access (ngFWA) Government Demo in Sacramento, CA

Use the interactive TowerMap BOM builder for Tarana radios powered by viaPhoton

Sky Fiber Connects the Underserved in Northern Nevada

Sky Fiber Internet brings next-generation fixed wireless access (ngFWA) to Northern Nevada and Tahoe. … Read More